Need more Memory

For those installing the Fedora 15 Alpha into a VM, just a quick note — virt-manager currently defaults to 512MB of RAM for its VMs.  This isn’t enough RAM to boot the Alpha installer.

[11:37:59] <wwoods> F15 will need at least 640MB
[11:38:02] <wwoods> maybe 768
[11:38:42] <wwoods> I have a fix for that in the works but it’s kind of invasive and may not be ready ’til F16

Symptoms of trying to boot with too little memory may include a kernel oops when installing the rootfs.  Hope this helps people avoid head scratching later :-).


5 thoughts on “Need more Memory

  1. Can you please elaborate more on the *huge* memory requirements? Is it anaconda or some other component that changed? What will the min requirements be for non-VM hardware? For me this is clearly a regression even though I have hopes that at least upgrades will be still possible on older hardware.

    • Will said that once he had a better idea of whether increased memory requirements would be a permanent problem in F15 (as opposed to being able to fix it in time for release) he’d ask that a profile for Linux – Fedora 15 be made that defaulted to more memory.

  2. Last time it was lvm mlock()ing several megabytes of translations, exhausting memory. I wonder what’s the offender this time.
    Anyway, 1GB of memory is really a minimum in 2011.

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