Porting to TurboGears2

Fedora Infrastructure was an early adopter of the Turbogears web framework. As such, we have a large number of applications that were built targeting the TurboGears-1.0.x/1.1.x release series. Unfortunately, while the upstream TurboGears project has released new features, optimizations, and other enhancements, this work has had to be done in new releases which aren’t backwards compatible with TurboGears-1.1.x. So we’ve been faced with the task of porting our apps to the newer releases for some time… and proven remarkably success at procrastinating on that :-).

Well, thanks to the efforts of pingou we’re starting to take steps to fix that. He’s gone through the Fedora Elections application and ported it to TurboGears2.x. This is a great step that shows that there’s no blockers to getting all our apps running with TG2 (our custom auth layer was a big worry before this work was done.)

We still have four more applications to port that are more complex than elections but now we have some experience to show what needs to be done. Having an idea of what we’re in for is great for breaking through the mental reservations about starting the process.

If you see pingou online, be sure to thank him for a job well done!


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