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  1. not sure why you put that on fedora website. but i truely feel this way recently. i keep hearing people i know die, good and bad person i know of. it is not good even if you hate that person before. sad … nothing can buy back time or life.

    it remind me what i should focus on life from now. i don’t know you, but i feel lost.

    • Thanks Greg.

      My wife’s nephew died in a snowmobile accident on Thursday. I saw him pretty frequently when we lived in Vermont. Bright eyed, intense, close to his family.

      He was fifteen.

  2. More to say – there will be a time, when most of current blog-hostings will turn into a gravestones, containing messages from dead people.

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  4. Alicia Hurley, “Morningstar”, a friend from the Trail left me this comment elsewhere:

    I remember as a teenager going to visit my Aunt Inis when she was in her eighties – she would pull out her photo albums and point to the people in the photos, “That’s Marvin Joyce – he’s dead. And Sue Martin – she died about two years ago, had two sons, both dead…” My siblings and I would laugh about it on the ride home; we couldn’t relate to … See Moreher dwelling on these people that had been lost to her over time. All of life’s experiences seemed like they were still before us, and death a myth. But the grief of loss is terrible to bear, and to be old and alone, with only your memories to comfort you must be a sad lot. We must find ways to embody joy and connect with other living beings in all phases of our lives – there is not telling how long we have or what is in store for us. There will always be pain and loss, but also joy and growth if we choose to embrace it.

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