6 thoughts on “Why’d we think this President would be OSS Friendly?

    • In the United States we have a tax on income. Generally, the government takes the tax out of your paycheck. At the end of the tax year, you go through your records and fill out some forms to get the portion of the tax back that you didn’t need to pay (because the government will give you money back for having to raise children, take care of parents, paying off school loans, or supporting other things that it thinks are worthwhile) or you find out that you owe more money than was taken out and you send a check to the IRS. Taking care of taxes is handled through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

      For the past several years the IRS has had a service known as FreeFile to let taxpayers file their tax forms electronically for no charge. This year, it requires Microsoft Silverlight which means it’s no longer available to my OSS-only household.

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