Pythonic redis wrapper

Dear lazyweb,

Anyone evaluated pythonic wrappers for redis? A quick pypi search turns up redish, redis_wrap, and redis_natives. Seems like a lot of reinvention of the wheel. Is there some deep-seated design differences in the packages that I’m too inexperienced with redis to see?


3 thoughts on “Pythonic redis wrapper

  1. I’m using redis-py and I’m quite pleased with the results.

    Do you think it’s worth it to use Redis through Python data types? I don’t know if you can use Redis as-is, without properly planing on your storage, so you can take advantage of Redis structures…

    • . All three of the pythonic redis modules I found use redis-py to actually talk to redis. I’m looking at using redis as a more featureful memcached and using python data types makes some of that more attractive.

      What planning of redis storage were you thinking would be a problem?

      • I’ve used Redis myself in a blog engine (for learning purposes only), because I think the power of Redis it’s not just it’s a fast key/value storage but it has lists, sets, some operations over the data, etc.

        My main problem was to implement the needed data structures to match the requirements of a blog (posts chronologically ordered, clustered by tag, etc), so I had to implement kind of indexes and plan how to store the information.

        What I meant to say in my previous comment is that Redis is powefull, but I don’t see how you can use that power transparently just accessing its features using Python data types.

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